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MAP Framework, whilst a relatively new e-commerce Management Systems and Consultancy provider, has over 30 years of experience in Management Systems, Business Improvement, Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering (BPMN), Performance Management and Systems Audit. We have used our experience in these differing methodologies to design our product. In other words, as our name suggests, we feel these methodologies are not "mutually exclusive" - all of these methods when "joined-up" provide an improvement framework for organisations to Adopt, Adapt and Improve their organisations performance.   

We have found that Management Systems implementation, if not carried out carefully, can be costly, cause confusion and resistance and "be a real struggle". Our product has been  developed over a number of years taking into consideration organisations, staff and individual personnel's feedback. In its basic format a Management System is a Framework
through which an organisation delivers its service or product whilst complying with all appropriate legislation. The Matrix Application Process
(MAP Framework) provides a platform where we "join-up" all of the product or service delivery processes and by sequencing and linking together with the appropriate clauses of the ISO and OHSAS standards, provide you with a cost effective workflow portal to your management system(s). This has been particularly successful for clients during Stage 1 assessments (ISO 17021:2011)

MAP Framework Ltd is building a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation resulting from many years of experience building relationships with clients based on
trust and mutual respect. Our collaborative, fresh and determined approach within Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering (BPMN), enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex problems.

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