System Frameworks and the Process Approach

All businesses are made up of a series of processes which when sequenced and linked together make the business operate. Processes are the keys to providing a clear understanding of what an organisation does and the controls it has in place to manage thier business activities (BPMN). Whether you are an SME or a large Corporate organisation, if you manufacture a product or deliver a service you will do so through your current management system. However in order to comply with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 or OHSAS 18001:2007 your current management/operating system must be documented.

This is where the MAP Framework provides a clear route to system documentation compliance. We provide the tools and instructions for organisations to carry out a full GAP Analysis of their current processes against the ISO or OHSAS system requirements. Once completed the organisation can match current compliant processes and relevant documentation to the appropriate clauses of the standards, then move on to create a Project and Action Plan to adress the Gaps using MAP Framework templates provided.

The Matrix Application Process (MAP Framework) provides the sequence and links for your management system(s). It is a one page management platform where we aim to provide your organisation and employees with a single source of knowledge - or a workflow portal to their management system(s). In this way your organisation and employees can visualise the routings, sequences, documentation and authorities required in order to meet customer requirements and comply with appropriate legislation. This ensures that the correct transactions, decisions and work activities are perfromed effectively and efficiently in compliance with legislation, and the appropriate data and documents are routed to the right employees throughout the product or service realisation process. With its visual representation of your organisations management system and built in compliance, it engenders acceptance, knowledge and buy in to the management system.

But Does it Work?

This simplistic approach works. Over the last five years MAP Framework products have been successfully implemented into a number of organisations in both the Public and Private sectors form Oil & Gas; Manufacturing; Electronics; Construction and Local Authority. The products have also been audited by the major UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies within the UK, where client organisations have successfully been recommended for Certification.


The most important benefit of using MAP Framework products is, it allows you and your organisation to understand, develop and implement your system(s) which engenders acceptance, knowledge and buy in of the management system by the whole organisation. We have designed MAP Framework to make our Consultancy input practically redundant, that is how we keep the costs down. This process based management system will help drive and ensure a consistent best in class and continuous improvement culture which is effectively deployed

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