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Here at MAP Framework we pride ourselves in being open and transparent in the pricing of our products and service. We will not "break the bank" neither will we lead you through our site in order to obtain consultancy work - we can provide consultancy help if required, however MAP Framework has been designed in order that "you" develop and implement "your" systems. We keep the costs down by providing "you" with the Framework for "you" to implement.


Alternatively you may already hold certification to one or more of the standards - Map Framework can be adopted, adapted to imrove the management of your current systems (this is also true for any systems which are derived from ISO 9001:2008 such as Medical Devices 13485, Automotive TS 16949 etc).

With our comprehensive Implementation Guidelines, Project Plan and Action Plan we provide you with a "step by step" programme for system design, development and implementation. The wealth of "ready-to-use-templates" alows you to start your implementation programme almost immediately. Our product is Microsoft Office based - so no expensive software to configure, install and maintain, simply purchase, download and get started.


Our product prices at a glance:


  • Complete ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System with associated templates one-time fee £800


  • Complete ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System with associated templates one-time fee £1000


  • Complete OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety Management System with associated templates one-time fee £1200

As we have stated previously our pricing structure is open and transparent. In addition we do not guarantee Certification in a specific timescale. However with our comprehensive pricing we do provide "you" with a structured Framework which, if used correctly will guide "your" organisation and engage and empower "your" staff  to fullfill "your" organisations ambitions in achieving Certification or improving the management of "your" current System.


By purchasing one of the above products "you" and "your" organisation will take the first steps on the road to implementing "your" Management System Now!

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